Portland is encouraging the community to join them for a Wednesday Wave!

Portland Nursing Home has joined The Wednesday Wave campaign to unite the community and stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

A few months ago, we were clapping for our care worker heroes, now we are contributing to The Wednesday Wave to counter loneliness among those who may be feeling isolated during the coronavirus pandemic which has affected us all.

The campaign is being launched by the Vamos mask theatre company and will run for ten weeks from October 14 and aims to connect the public with people in care homes or who may be isolating in their own homes.

From 3pm on Wednesdays, from 14th October until 16th December 2020, anyone and everyone is encouraged to wave, wherever they see The Wednesday Wave poster or a hand drawing displayed.

Kaye Fogarty, home manager at Portland Nursing Home, commented:

“We can’t thank our community enough for their support during this difficult time. Everyone’s gifts and letters of support has really lifted resident’s spirits over the last few months, especially as they can’t go out themselves.”

“Initiatives such as this helps to spread some much needed positivity and lets those that are isolating know that they’re not alone.

“The impact that a friendly wave can have on loneliness is huge, and those who are isolating must not be forgotten.”

To find out more information on The Wednesday Wave, check out the website here: https://www.vamostheatre.co.uk/arts-in/arts-in-projects/the-wednesday-wave

For more information on Portland Nursing Home, or to take a look around the home, please call 01298 23040 or visit  https://www.portlandnursinghome.co.uk

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